The Ending of War

The Ending of War

The Ending of War

War does not start as a political statement; war, sadly, is the final symptom. Violence is not a spontaneous expression; it is a result of a much deeper pain that is cultivated deep within the collective consciousness. It won't be enough to find someone to blame or eliminate. War is a reflection of a much deeper hunger and despair. I offer this prayer for innocence lost and lives forever tainted by violent acts. Healing of such wounds takes lifetimes and yet will always begin with one individual, me... you... with our personal choice to respond differently, to react with a deeper willingness to forgive and understand. In the face of devastation, forgiveness seems impossible. Choosing love in the face of atrocity seems unbearable. However, one day... one of us will be willing to raise a white flag, one of us will be willing to transmute this pain into connection. Other than prayer and tears of empathy, I can only strive each and every day to do all I can to change, transform, and elevate, so perhaps a day will come, and that person who will end the cycle of suffering will be me.

Dear God, as I face the raging wars around our world, I am filled with sadness and find my sense of hope in question. It seems that, as a whole, we can’t walk away from violence and greed. It seems that, as humanity, we can’t shake off conflict and constantly find ways to disagree, oppose, and argue. This pattern of finding fault and the constant judgment of each other brings about so much suffering, so much pain, and ultimately despair.

Let me identify these patterns within myself; let me understand that my own judgment of self and other is the same exact energy that brings about the collective state of war. Let me understand that my own selfish misery and my choice to remain small or hold off from doing my own personal healing work is actually the cause of the pain humanity is facing as a whole. This war does not happen far away, in a distant continent or country; it is happening within me now, in my thoughts, my feelings, and my soul.

Dear Angels of Compassion and Peace, I appeal to you with the sincerity of my heart, let this war end, and let these battles find their completion in me. Let my choice of transformation be a guiding light and the inspiring force for change. Let me be first to take these steps and choose to outgrow my own sense of limitation. Let me find the courage to choose anew and find the strength to forgive in the face of injustice and to love in the face of fear.

I stand in my light and offer myself in service to the healing of the whole. I choose to let go of my judgments and forgo my excuses; I choose to embrace my shadow and stand in my weakness. I invite harmony and peace; I choose openness when facing contraction; I choose love when facing rejection or fear. Forgiveness has become my compass, and compassion, my northern star.

War, hate, judgment, and fear, you are no longer welcome within my sphere. I choose to no longer fight for my personal growth and well-being and chase after my individual wholeness and joy. I trust in our togetherness and that we are each other’s medicine; our healing is found in our connection and nowhere else. Dear God, let all war end here, within me and within all; let us as individuals and countries find peace within ourselves, so the cycle of blame, shame, judgment, and pain will end here, at this moment and in this now.

So be it.

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Kai Karrel is a spiritual teacher, a practicing medium, and the Founder of the Celestial Heart Church. He advocates for the sacramental usage of entheogenic plant medicine in support of spiritual development and the evolution of consciousness. He is also the author of Prayerful Heart, a channeled book of invocations and prayers planned to be published later this year. Kai lives with his beloved wife, Jade, in Tulare, California.