Mediumship or Excited Imagination

Mediumship or Excited Imagination

Mediumship or Excited Imagination

The journey of mediumship is exciting and exhilarating. We expand our capacity and encounter mystical realms of beauty and infinite wisdom. Availing ourselves to beings of unlimited potential and expanded reach. Availing ourselves means emptying our cup. Becoming a hollow vessel for divine light to influence, teach and guide our limited perception of self. In this process of expansion, we have to remain alert and observe our tendencies to relate these experiences to ourselves.

The Medium’s Creed clearly states: “May I remember that all and any mediumistic instructions come first and foremost towards me and only when integrated fully, are offered to others.” Implying that we often forget to integrate these lessons and tend to rush to share and boast about our misconceived accomplishments. Becoming a developed medium, having profound awakening within this journey implies first and foremost humility. Remembering at any given moment that we are but a channel, an empty vessel for external influence and external wisdom to come through – through us, and more often than not – for us.

When we experience deep openings, profound teachings and channeled work, at first, perhaps our first practice should be taking a couple of days for silent introspection. Looking for the lessons we need to integrate and how these teachings should be used for our own growth and transformation. The tendency to brag and share comes from a superficial place of needing attention and our own wounding of insecurity and fear. The process of mediumship can be related to the journey of the wounded healer. Our brokenness, at times, is actually the space through which the light can shine through and illuminate our hidden darkness.

The creed proceeds to warn us: “Dear God, please keep me from presumption of being immune to the influence of mocking spirits and their like, from feeling pride or superiority.” If your channeled experience leads to pride or feelings of superiority – meaning that by having this mediumistic teaching your response is immediately projected outwards - boasting your sense of self and feeling superior to others, there’s a good chance that this experience has been influenced by mocking spirits and their like. This form of influence comes with the territory. You can’t avoid their influence and can’t escape their traps.

It is not a matter of training further to discern the presence of oppressive spirits, but remembering that they also serve a divine purpose. Pushing us to our greatness, teaching us humility and reminding us of blind spots and hidden wounds. If you find you’ve been under their influence, find yourself in pride or superiority, ask better questions – further your inquiry of what within me needs more love and attention, what within me in this journey of falling in love with myself I have lost sight of.

“I ask that if I make mistakes or if I am unaware of acting in disharmony, please God, inspire others to instruct me and bring this to my attention.” - You will make mistakes, you will act out of harmony because harmony is an oscillating state of being. We often find harmony only by stepping away from it. Disharmony is nothing more than lack of attention. A momentary lack of connection. If you are centered in your heart and coming out of humility, receiving instructions from others will be taken as assistance and nothing more.

“I ask that you give me the humility to accept correction and criticism so I can keep on shining within this light.” - Our intention as mediums is always centered around the choice to be of service. And so if that truly stands as your primary goal, you’ll be happy to be corrected and offered constructive criticism, as you wish to purify and offer your service from a clear and centered place of compassion. If you find yourself resisting suggestions from others, once again, ask better questions and find what is it within you that is acting out and resisting instead of opening to change and transformation. If the offered correction truly does not reflect your reality or truth, smile, receive and offer gratitude. If it does, offer to understand and ask for forgiveness.

“I ask always to remember the gravity of this task and the necessity of which it is called upon.” The task of the medium is quite profound and is quite necessary for the evolutionary process of awakening. The mediums and the mystics, throughout history, have acted on behalf of humanity and helped further its spiritual growth. When remembering the necessity of our service, the focus will turn not towards the medium but rather towards the service. Not towards the individual but rather towards the collective.

Chico Xavier

When explaining the mediumship phenomena, one of Brazil’s greatest mediums, Chico Xavier warns us about excited imagination as being one of the mediums greatest potential downfalls. Once we excite our imagination and allow our inner wounding to lead our channeling work, we open ourselves to deception and lose sight of the original purpose for approaching this practice in the first place. Self-healing, self-illumination and freedom. We ask divine beings to illuminate our shadow, to filling our darkened corners with light so we may evolve, so we may forgive, so we may transform. If the focus turns to be instructing others, channeling messages from the beyond and leaving our personal work behind, we will lose our center and start attracting sabotaging spirits and eventual suffering and pain.

“Grant that I may I find my peace; grant that I may walk in gratitude.” This line, once again, coming from the Medium’s creed, reminds us what this work revolves around. Finding inner peace. Finding our greatest spiritual force – the power of gratitude. Availing ourselves for our own process of healing; being present and alert to observe our mind and its tendencies. Approach our brothers and sisters with humility and teach, first and foremost by example.

When I asked one of my teachers how to advance fast on this path, he smiled and replied – take it slow. As the years pass I realize the depth of this simple teaching, allowing the flowers to grow on their own accord. Receiving, observing, studying my inner world and letting the fragrance come on its own. Trusting that life knows exactly how to make me grow and when to teach me further.

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Kai Karrel is a spiritual teacher, a practicing medium, and the Founder of the Celestial Heart Church. He advocates for the sacramental usage of entheogenic plant medicine in support of spiritual development and the evolution of consciousness. He is also the author of Prayerful Heart, a channeled book of invocations and prayers planned to be published later this year. Kai lives with his beloved wife, Jade, in Tulare, California.