Divine Alchemy - the Feitio

Divine Alchemy - the Feitio

The lengthy and arduous process of making the sacrament, called in Portuguese ‘Feitio,’ is considered to be Divine Alchemy, explains our Padrinho, Sergio Negri. It consists of combining five different elements – the vine, Jagube, the leaf, Chacruna, water, fire, and the human heart. The vine and the leaf represent the masculine and feminine principles; with the medium of water, they are fused or connected with the power of the heat of fire. But explains Padrinho Negri, the fifth element, the human heart, allows this process to transform from a process of cooking to a sacred act of Divine Alchemy.

The process requires a group of devoted hearts working together in harmony and humble service, pouring devotion, prayer, and intention into the sacrament. Calling in the spirit with prayer and devotion, asking for the awakening and expansion of consciousness, asking to access and remember our Divine Plan and the reason for which we have chosen this life.

The leaf, also called ‘The Queen,’ represents the feminine force for self-healing and light; it is brought to fusion with the vine - Jagube, the masculine, emerging from the earth, growing upward in spirals, twirling around a tree, symbolizing the strands of our DNA, and the spiraling and cyclical nature of evolving consciousness. The vine elevates, and the leaf illuminates the elevation, working in balance and harmony to awaken our spirit.

In the following video, Padrinho Sergio Negri, Madrinha Michele Negri, and a few brothers and sisters from our mother church, Fraternidade do Coração, are sharing about the depth of the Feitio and its impact on their lives. Last year, Jade, myself, and our daughter Claire were fortunate to be there in person and participate in this sacred and elevating process. It is truly hard to describe the profundity of the experience; drinking the sacrament after being a part of making it is an entirely different experience. One truly gets to experience and understand what goes into the making of this Divine Sacrament -- the countless hours of service, the prayers, the songs, and more than anything else, infinite love and blessings.

Deep gratitude and love to our family at Fraternidade do Coração.